Monday, February 9, 2015

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani-Indian Groom’s Preferred Choice

Most of us think we have our climate classified into 4 main seasons- winter, spring, summer and autumn. But Indians have a fifth season-The Marriage Season. In this season, everybody besides the bride and groom is so excited that it results into a hullabaloo starting with shopping colourful clothes and ending with dancing on upbeat folk songs besides devouring mouthful of tasty Indian cuisines.

It is believed that clothes and rituals are an essential part of any Indian wedding, so the bride and groom are dressed in beautiful clothes. I attended a cousin’s wedding last week and I was tempted by the outfits men were donning and I think those outfits changed the entire look of not only the Groom but also his friends. Yes I am talking about the princely Sherwani and the Jodhpuri Suits.
Princely Jodhpuri Suits And Sherwani

Jodhpuri Suits and Sherwani are known for being greatly rich and enchanting. One of the best attires, they accentuate the general appearance of a man. This conventional Indian clothing has evolved into dressing which is more about style than about modernism. The outfit accompanies detailed weaving that gives a regal look to the wearer. The outlines are significantly placed and provide a prominence to the whole outfit. The plethora of options available nowadays is amazing and you can easily choose one according to your individual style and taste. Jodhpuri suits and Sherwani are the ideal Indian clothing types for wedding and family gatherings.
Mojri And Safa
 A wedding jodhpuri or sherwani is a sort of frock coat which is coupled with churidar, salwar or a dhoti. Jodhpuri pants or breeches which were the favorites among polo riders and regal fraternity are also very much in vogue these days. The groom can don a headgear known as safa or pagri with a kalgi to accentuate the whole look. 

The fabric that goes in making these outfits is normally silk, jamawar or brocade and exudes royalty once the piece is ready to wear. Some pieces have crystals worked into the fabric with hand embroidery thread, while others have spectacular stones, mirrors, beads and sequins work woven into a string of intricate embroidery rendering regalia to the outfit.

In case you are modern in your choice and want a mix of Indian traditions and Western sensibilities, then you have Indowestern styling at your rescue. A charming scope of retro and contemporary styles is created when designers create Indowestern for men. The Indowestern collection is characterized by unconventional colors and designs. The colors mostly used are peacock blue, neon pink, golden yellow as against the traditional maroon, red or beige. The designs portrayed on the outfit are also modernized and could be geometrical shapes rather than the traditional motifs and mango shaped designs.

Since attending that wedding of my cousin, I have absolutely fallen in love with the Jodhpuri and Sherwani. Till I get over it, all you people out there... 

Stay Fit and Fabulous!!!!

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