Friday, May 20, 2016

Casual Clothing Rules Are Not That Casual

Here I start with something casual though you will understand soon that it’s not that casual. A standout amongst the hardest to understand clothing type is casual clothing. The name itself gives the idea that we are not supposed to take it seriously. Though the more unconcerned we are about it, the more challenges it poses to our dressing decisions.

Casual dress code is mostly used while dressing for birthday parties, engagement functions and other exceptional social get-together, hanging out with friends and sometimes dinners and dates. One notable characteristic about casual clothing is that it allows a room for skin show which implies that casual stuff can sometimes create great uproar and cause a feeling of inconvenience and discomfort to people more oriented towards uptight and formal clothing.

Clothing regulations while dressing casually can be at times confusing and hard to fathom. Misunderstand the rules for casual wear and you'll stand out like a sore thumb. You would prefer not to be the only gentleman in a tuxedo while others loiter in loose garments. However you would prefer not to be the man in vest and sarong when everybody's dressed formally.

Casual Wear For Men

The most acceptable in casuals are jeans and t-shirts. A tee is appropriately suitable so long as it covers enough of your middle body and has no additional openings because of wear and tear. Matched with pants or khakis, you'd get a splendid worthy outfit to wear to an easygoing style party.

Savvy, dressed down, business casual- Call it by any name you want, they have become quite popular and are here to stay. The downfall of 9-to-5 suit-and-tie style has left a void open wanting to be filled up by smart casuals. This look mainly consists of lighter traditional choices for pants such as khakis, Oxford button-down shirts and less formal footwear such as loafers or even well-kept athletic shoes. Most offices have given the nod for denims with the condition that your final appearance is decent enough. Yet rather than going too bold, keep your denim dim and dress it up with jackets and thin lined ties. All business casual apparel should be properly pressed and presentable.

Casual Footwear

Thus in my opinion though "Casual" may appear straightforward and numb skull evident, however, it exactly isn't what it appears to be. Despite getting a lot of flexibility in terms of what you can wear, the standard necessities of advanced style are still in full constrained and hence make it imperative that you pay enough attention to choosing right casuals and don’t brush off the decision aside just casually...